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Reproduction’s beliefs, … from the five continents

My interest in publishing this blog takes root in taking part of a community that share the fascination for the multiple suppositions and convictions, that the history of the private life has registered verbally as traditions and customs or literally as fables and legends; about mysteries with natural or fantastic foundation  linked to human reproduction.

When I talk about ” the reproduction”, I try to do it as wide as is possible,  looking to include concepts related to sexual choice and “nonsexual”, with the human couples, mythological couples and their hybridizations, with courtship or flirting, with intercourse, with gestation, with natural or surgical childbirth, with neonate, with lactation, and with the reproductive project following. These ideas are according to the cultural diversity own of every region, and the individuality is by the details attractive.

It´s because that, I invite every interested person to exchanging our knowledge in the matter, by using the resources that this route allows us. In all cases, derivative information will be published, in the original language, recognizing all author rights. Occasionally I will use  photography of the Web to illustrate some articles, if someone thinks that I do not know his copyright, please communicate to do the respective alterations.

 The blog`s title,  is a reminiscence to the work of the physician and medieval theologian, Arnaldo de Vilanova (1238 – 1311).

Guillermo Llerena Cano (Lima – Perú, 1956)

 Studied in the Biological Science faculty of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos and in the same period was  assistant of research in gametes and embryos from mammal, with the Drs. Hugo Gonzalez Figueroa and Victor Ishiyama Cervantes.

 Is linked with the assisted reproduction in Peru since 1984 when  applied the technique “sperm capacitation” for insemination intrauterine (IIU) with the physician Juan Coyotupa Vega. In 1986 realized the first Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer (GIFT), with the surgeons Eduardo Maradiegue Mendez and Javier Bacini Colan. In 1989   integrated a group with the Gyneco-obstetrician Ladislao Prazak Kroffta and Luís Noriega Hoces to organize in Lima a in vitro fertilization (IVF) program. In 1990 L. Prazak, L .Noriega and G. Llerena, received the Prize “Prof. Dr. Eduardo Valdivia Ponce”, of the Peruvian Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics; by the “First Peruvian Series of Assisted reproduction with procedures of high complexity”.

 Between 1990 and 2008, Guillermo Llerena worked in IVF procedures and progressively, incorporated to the assisted reproduction laboratory, the micromanipulation technology for Intracitoplasmatic sperm injection (ICSI), the criopreservation of spermatozoa and embryos, and development the procedures for IVF/ICSI by air transportation   of the gametes and embryos, between medical institutions out  the capital city, and the principal laboratory in Lima. Later   obtain a dilutor to send semen samples for diagnostic in Lima. In Genetics, he organized the laboratory of Fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH), for molecular citogenetics and Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnostic (PGD). In the Academic activity, has dictated post degree classes and conferences for specialists in human reproduction and genetic.  

At present, is Special Projects  Director of the group “PRANOR” of assisted reproduction and Scientific Director of the Foundation  “HALO DE VIDA”. It is also external adviser in research to thesis from degree and study the atavistic beliefs about human reproduction and the cultural confrontation with the future praxis.


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